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The mouth of the red horn


At present, the mainstream brand of lipstick toner is A […]

Innovative way of opening and closing

Design Studio

Makeup brand Kaleidos launched a series of thorns garde […]

Innovative special raw materials for the cosmetics industry

Design Studio

Thanks to our worldwide, independent sourcing, we are i […]

Foreign heavy craft, domestic heavy appearance level

Design Studio

Not only cosmetics brands at home and abroad for the ac […]

Soft lip tones will be popular in 2021


The trend of lip color in 2021 continues the style of 2 […]

Suggestions for wholesale purchase of cosmetic bottles

Hair Care

Choose cosmetics bottles, usually from these aspects: t […]

Fine cosmetics series


“Kirsten wants her product to remain on your dres […]

Turn makeup from empty to full

Design Studio

It is commonplace by now that packaging can be more tha […]

Green Packaging Alliance

Design Studio

More and more companies in this highly competitive indu […]

Sourcing and developing packaging


Packaging is extremely important for makeup products be […]

Foreign craftsmanship, domestic beauty

Design Studio

Not only are there obvious differences in the acceptanc […]

There are techniques for layering new patterns in the makeup industry


Most sister papers often only have a layer of colored l […]

Various styles of makeup packaging

Design Studio  Makeup

In order to limit the New Year, Zhiyouquan combined wit […]

Croda’s main inorganic protection

Design Studio

This year Croda Croda’s main promotion is the newest me […]

Practice Guide for the Beauty Industry

Design Studio

As one of the world’s most well-known perfumers, […]

The main color is lemon yellow , which is full of summer flavor .


ColourPop Lemon Liquor Eyeshadow Palette Another big ne […]

These new spring and summer products are too top! I want to ALL IN lipstick and eye shadow


This series is actually the lip glaze version of love m […]

Maybelline x Sailor Moon Joint Lip Glaze


Maybelline has become more and more present in the dome […]

“You can eat” makeup


Today’s consumers pay more and more attention to […]

The Paris makeup fair


Green packaging-the biggest trend of the Paris makeup f […]