The Paris makeup fair

23/03/2021 lai, bip

Green packaging-the biggest trend of the Paris makeup fair in 2019

MakeUp in Paris (Paris Cosmetics Exhibition) is an exhibition dedicated to the global trade of makeup products. The most eye-catching color at this year’s Paris makeup exhibition (June 18-19) is green. Many exhibitors exhibited novel Innovative products with green environmental protection concept.

Green packaging

Biodegradable plastic Ecoform

Knoll Prestige Packaging is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury secondary packaging and is well-known in the field of beauty. At this exhibition, Knoll’s most eye-catching material is a material called Ecoform, a recently launched material that is 100% biodegradable and is described as ideal for thermoformed plastic platforms or foam inserts (also synthetic) alternatives.

“Usually a lot of plastic is used in cosmetic packaging,” said Florence Dancoisne, general manager of Knoll Prestige Packaging Europe. “Cardboard is not always suitable for cosmetics. It has no resistance and no elasticity, so we developed an ecological plastic. It is entirely made of green plants, made of bamboo, sugar cane and wood, all of which are recyclable. It degrades within 6 to 9 months. “The finished product feels soft and smooth, and can be shaped, cut, and even matched according to customer preferences.

Advanced environmental protection brush-One Cut Brush

“We launched an innovative environmentally friendly brush called One Cut Brush,” said Grégory Sawka, executive director of Taiki Cosmetics Europe (Taiki is a world-leading skin care and make-up beauty tool established in Japan in 1930). “We are trying to match the new environmental protection trend and propose 100% vegan products-synthetic hair and 100% wooden handles to customers, which is unique in the cosmetic brush market.” Customizable brushes are made by FSC certified It is made of light birch wood and eliminates the usual aluminum ferrules, creating a stylish, organic look.

The hair material used is Ecolon (a 100% animal-free, innovative synthetic fiber) to create a soft, natural feel. Sawka also pointed out that the brushes can withstand water and solvents after treatment, both of which are important characteristics of brushes.

Innovative green packaging-vertTENTATION

Geka, the world’s leading cosmetic packaging and makeup tool company, also launched two new high-end cosmetic series:

· TENTATION , this is a high-end series based on metallization and painting technology, using vibrant and fashionable summer colors;

·VertTENTATION , using Geka’s green packaging.

“Everyone is talking about sustainability, which is the most important thing right now,” said Stefanie Gunz, Geka’s deputy head of marketing. “For vertTENTATION, we have a bag that combines cork and cotton which is made of two natural bio-based materials-there are three mascaras in it, and the bottle is made of 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) PET. This is A huge improvement. Last year, we launched a 25% recycled PET, and now we have launched 100% PET, and even the lid is 100% recycled PP material.”

She added that the mascara brush is made of 84% bio-based material derived from sugar cane, while the brush uses Geka’s “green thread fiber”, a biomaterial derived from castor oil. Overall, these packages contain 85% green plastic.

Picture: Geka’s vertTENTATION mascara

Reduce usage or refill

Three-in-one makeup brush—Half Moon Brush

An interesting trend in the green packaging movement is three, four, or even five-in-one brushes, which also meet the needs of high efficiency and convenience.

Cosmogen is one of the most representative companies. It has launched Half Moon Brush, which is a brand new version of its patented Fan Brush, which can be divided into two to achieve three effects in one.

Justine Rechenmann, Cosmogen’s product manager, said: “You can use the entire brush to apply the foundation, and then separate them, you can apply highlights on one side, and polish on the other.”

Picture: Cosmogen Half Moon Brush

Reusable multi-purpose tool box

As part of its “reuse” series, Texen Beauty Partners, a multi-purpose tool box exhibited at Makeup in Paris, showcases the concept of an integrated beauty tool. The most representative one is an 8ml press pen, which is used for perfume, cosmetics or skin care products. It is equipped with a filling cylinder and a replaceable standard cylinder. The inner box and lid are made of Easy to recycle PP or even rPP.

Picture: Texen Beauty Partners 8ml click-pen

In addition to environmental protection, the exhibition also has the following more interesting innovative trend packaging or tools:

Bright visual effects

Nowadays, generation Z people like colorful and bright visual effects, which also affects the cosmetic packaging display at MakeUp in Paris, which includes attractive colors such as pink, shiny and colorful.

“Everyone is talking about environmental protection now, but we can’t ignore the beauty and eye-catching content!” said Stephanie Rowntree, product manager of HCP Packaging.

The packaging and decorations exhibited by the company include the Radii Round Pressed Powder Compact, which uses a two-piece base design and a lid design. The panel on the lid and the base panel can be decorated separately to create a unique appearance. One side is a shiny storm decoration, and the other side is pink sequins.

A product line that appeals to young consumers

For brands that want to attract young consumers, Schwan Cosmetics, a cosmetic pen expert from Germany, has launched a fruit series of 7 products, including luminous lipgloss (lip gloss), the real water liner (eyeliner), sparkling eyeshadow (eye shadow), matte powder blush (blush) and so on.

Another product series exhibited by Schwan Cosmetics is Artistique, a haute couture series with 3D printing design elements, including six concept products, the cooling shadow liner-stick (eye shadow stick), matte creamy lipcolour (lipstick), melting concealer ( Concealer) The main retro mature style.

SteelBook® enters the outer packaging of cosmetic products

Scanavo owns a patented product called SteelBook® (registered trademark), a new and unique packaging form specially designed for high-quality music, movies and games. SteelBook® includes an external metal shell and an internal plastic similar to ordinary DVD packaging. shell.

Scanavo recently combined SteelBook with beauty products to meet the market’s demand for high-quality palettes that do not harm the environment.

Picture: SteelBook® color palette

“SteelBook is unique in the materials it is made from, the flexibility it offers in terms of customization, and Ecocert and COSMOS certification-and it is one of the few palette packaging products certified by Ecocert / COSMOS,” Scanavo Sales , Said Tania Verma, head of beauty and cosmetics. “It consists of several parts. The outer metal shell is fixed together by the inner PP shell, and the tray is made of PET. Then there is a mirror on the top. All of these are Ecocert approved materials.”

Picture: SteelBook® color palette

SteelBook currently has four sizes to choose from in the beauty market: Mini, Deluxe, Compact (square) and Compact Plus (large), and custom sizes can also be developed according to the size and design that customers like.