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31/03/2021 lai, bip

Today’s consumers pay more and more attention to the safe ingredients of cosmetics, and people generally think that what can be imported will be safer. In addition, under the banner of environmental protection, consumers are paying more attention to sustainable packaging. In this context, beauty brands such as Revolution, Too Faced, and Etude House have launched food-inspired packaging, such as the I Heart Revolution series, the gingerbread man suit, and the Hershey Chocolate Co-branded Valentine’s Day limited suit. Revolution Beauty, the rising star in this article, is known for its “edible” food packaging.

brand introduction

In 2013, the British niche brand Revolution Beauty was co-founded by AdamMinto and Tom Allsworth. Under the “Fast Beaty” concept, the brand will launch a beauty product that meets market trends and is cost-effective every week. The brand hopes that through makeup, people can break through the restrictions of age, gender, and race. In order to follow environmentally friendly principles, the founder of the brand Adam Minto promised that Revolution Beauty will always be certified by the Animal Friendly Organization (PETA) and will never use animal experiments, and 76% of its products are free of animal origin.

Revolution Beauty contains 5 sub-brands, namely Revolution, RevolutionPRO, I Heart Revolution, Revolution Skincare and Makeup Obsession. The five series are aimed at different groups of people, but the common positioning is to provide each customer with cost-effective make-up suitable for him. Among them, I Heart Revolution likes to use a lot of nostalgic elements as inspiration to design the outer packaging. The product line is relatively rich, from cosmetics to shower gels, to brushes and hairdressing, with prices ranging from 4 Euros to 17 Euros. The customer group is young people who pursue fashion but have a budget.

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