Croda’s main inorganic protection

15/04/2021 lai, bip

This year Croda Croda’s main promotion is the newest member of Croda’s inorganic protection family-InfraveilIT-100. The product can establish a physical barrier in time to effectively protect the skin from near-infrared light (IRA) damage. And based on the patented dispersion technology, InfraveilIT-100 has a large particle size, but almost no whitening on the skin. It can also be used in combination with Croda’s solar protection family Solaveil and Optisol to provide multi-dimensional inorganic protection covering UVA, UVB, blue light (HEV), near infrared, and gaseous pollutants.

Merck’s new product this year is Ronacare Balmance, which is launched in response to users’ needs for skin immunity enhancement. It uses a unique process to extract the natural happiness factor “ferulyl serotonin” in natural cornflowers, which can balance skin immunity and quickly Soothing and calming.

Another new product, Allure velvet pearl powder, was launched based on the user’s problem of “how to choose a base makeup product that suits their skin tone and is delicate and close to the skin”. It includes four color options of red, yellow, white, and black. It has a matte appearance with a delicate and smooth skin feel. No additional grinding or treatment is required. It is very easy to call out a base makeup product that fits a variety of skin tones.

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