Maybelline x Sailor Moon Joint Lip Glaze

08/04/2021 lai, bip

Maybelline has become more and more present in the domestic cosmetics industry in recent years. The light mist lip glaze launched last year has a good reputation, and the price is OK. Its family has also recently embarked on the road of co-branding. The co-branded series with Sailor Moon is very popular. The silhouettes of characters are printed on the shell , which has an internal taste!

The entire collection of Lip Glaze, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip Glaze is divided into four color numbers,# SM170 Sweet Rose,# SM210 Bean Sour Brown,# SM135 Classic Red and # SM118 Classic Red.The texture of the upper lip mist is perfect.

Everyone who has used Maybelline lip glaze knows that the makeup effect is very long lasting. Now reservations have been opened on Amazon in Japan, and there are almost one hundred oceans in a single one. Jimei Chong is my heart!

MAC special matte lip glaze

MAC has a lot of content every spring and summer, and this season’s special moist lip gloss is full of anticipation from the beginning of the packaging.

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