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15/04/2021 lai, bip

As one of the world’s most well-known perfumers, Ben Gorham and his brand Byredo have been loved by a large number of consumers around the world because of their unique way of product interpretation.

And Gorham spent more than 2 years planning Byredo’s make-up line to go online this year. Compared with traditional make-up forms, Gorham is more optimistic about subjective and free concept make-up.

Because of the founder’s positioning of the Byredo makeup line, after finding makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench to cooperate, both of them moved the product design direction toward the theme of “subverting tradition”.

Gorham said: “Color is the most intuitive way of presenting Byredo Makeup. We have created sculptural lipstick, mascara and other packaging. They are different from packaging to color. For example, there are 16 different colors for Colour Sticks, from Yellow-green to peacock blue, black, etc., are not really designed according to skin color and other factors.”

In Byredo Makeup’s first batch of products on the market, all products have adopted the packaging design of gold and silver contrasting curved metal. Even if it was launched in August when the global epidemic was tense, it still sold out quickly after it was launched.

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