There are techniques for layering new patterns in the makeup industry

30/04/2021 lai, bip

Most sister papers often only have a layer of colored lipstick for upper lip makeup, and there is no primer at all. Maybe you can’t see anything on the wet lip skin, but as long as the lips are slightly dry, if you don’t apply the primer, let alone the beauty Yes, even comfort will be discounted.

Therefore, the layering technique of lip makeup is to use a lip balm as the base first, and then use a colored lipstick for coloring. When making the base, remember to apply the inner part of the lips. This not only moisturizes the lips, makes the lip makeup look soft and moisturized, but also helps the lip makeup lock in color and keep the lip makeup longer.

Eye makeup is the finishing touch to the entire face makeup, and the layering skills of eye makeup should start from eye shadow, eyeliner and brow shape. The three layering focuses, in addition to the necessary skills, the most important thing is Color selection. To put it simply, it is from shallow to deep.

Eyebrow shape: First choose an eyebrow shape that suits you, and then choose an eyebrow pencil. Newbies can choose a pencil shape, which is better to grasp. Then fill in the missing parts of the eyebrows. It is best to be uniform in thickness and smooth in shape. . Then use dark eyebrow powder to extend the end of the eyebrows downwards, and the color will become weaker towards the end. In this way, not only the entire eyebrow shape is more three-dimensional and stylish, but also the entire eyebrow makeup will be smudged by the brow powder more naturally.

Eyeshadow: The overall color selection is still from light to dark. First choose light-colored eyeshadow powder to base the entire eyeshadow, remember to be even, and then use dark eyeshadow powder to overlay outwards in a gradual manner, or choose with a thin flash The eyeshadow powder will also work, and the outstanding layering will be very strong.

Eyeliner: In order to highlight the layering of the entire eye makeup, the eyeliner is naturally indispensable. For the color, you can choose a softer, such as coffee, light brown, etc., which can soften the layered makeup and make the whole person look warm. It’s a lot softer.

If you want a layered makeup with a strong sense of layering, trimming is a way to give points, because it not only makes the facial features look more three-dimensional, but also modifies the imperfect face shape and makes the whole makeup more harmonious. However, the technique of contouring is to first shadow and then highlight. The principle is very simple. The shadow color is deep and the highlight color is light. If the dark color covers the light color, the layering will naturally disappear.

In addition, pay attention to the selection of contouring products. The color selection of shadows and highlights should be harmonious, and not too different, otherwise the overall sense of makeup will be greatly reduced. In addition, the texture of cosmetic products is best based on your skin type. For dry skin, you can choose cream, and oily skin is more suitable for powder.

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