These new spring and summer products are too top! I want to ALL IN lipstick and eye shadow

08/04/2021 lai, bip

This series is actually the lip glaze version of love me lipstick . There are 20 colors in total . The texture is more delicate and smooth than the original bullet lipstick, and the formula also contains skin care ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, etc. It is really light and not dry, and it is cool to the dry lips. Baoju is friendly .

I especially recommend the classic spicy chicken color #486 #Marrakesh Me Later, full of hair color, easy to cover the deep lip color , don’t worry about the color difference! Spring and summer can also be painted into a gradient effect, full of oxygen!

Shangxin Kuangmo 3CE has released lip glaze again! The packaging of this new product is so good, the design of the translucent frosted shell is still high-end with the same color, which completely hits my aesthetic point.

here are a total of ten color numbers in the whole series. The coloring is really beautiful and ridiculous, and each one is sweet enough to make people want to be ALL IN! The texture is as good as ever, and the hand color test shows that it is watery, with a sense of spring and summer transparency .

The effect on the upper lip is even better. It is a mirror lip glaze glowing with water as soon as it is applied, and it becomes a matte matte effect after pursing the mouth . BUT, this lip glaze is easy to mix with the original lip color, which is not very friendly to deep-lip stars. And it’s a bit picky, so it’s recommended to moisturize the lips~

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