Various styles of makeup packaging

22/04/2021 li Anne

In order to limit the New Year, Zhiyouquan combined with mahjong elements to repackage square tube lipstick matte lip glaze eyeliner liquid pen high gloss blush box and other products, and the color number has also been designed into 888 F888 D88, emphasizing the limited theme of making a fortune

Perfect diary in this New Year limited gift box focus on the atmosphere of the New Year reunion, with the courtyard of the New Year reunion scene as the inspiration for the design of the gift box this New Year gift box, perfect diary launched a new 16 color eye shadow plate, and to accept the theme of reunion, named the myrtle courtyard eye shadow plate

On this eye shadow tray design, in addition to Chinese New Year scene pictures on the packaging, the eye shadow tray cover opened window can see the traditional Chinese lines Some festival atmosphere not only embodies in packaging design, perfect diary also in several eye shadow tray design sugar-coated berry large lantern Snow falls the old Beijing festival atmosphere of the element such as the roof, to attract consumers’ memory for the New Year festival atmosphere

For this New Year product preheat, after perfect diary is in peach gold courtyard eye shadow dish on the shelf, still cooperate with li jia qi to sell in the broadcast room besides the eye shadow dish that flagship, in the gift box, still designed a red velvet high fix edition lip glaze completely New Year, with red packing will foil the atmosphere of New Year

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