Foreign craftsmanship, domestic beauty

11/05/2021 lai, bip

Not only are there obvious differences in the acceptance of environmentally friendly materials by domestic and foreign cosmetics brands, but the packaging design of color cosmetics is also different between the two parties. It is understood that one-third of the Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition are new exhibitors. Qingyan learned from the exchanges with exhibitors that a considerable part of the cosmetic packaging material companies are appearing at the Packaging Exhibition for the first time this year. According to a number of exhibitors, although the epidemic has delayed the exhibition this year and international customers have not been able to arrive smoothly, they still hope to showcase the company’s latest products and expand customers.

Regarding the differences in the needs of domestic and foreign cosmetics brands, “international brands emphasize craftsmanship and functionality, while domestic brands emphasize value and cost-effectiveness” has become a common consensus. Zhuobi Packaging introduced to Glaucoma that international brands will require products to undergo a variety of tests, such as a 100-grid test (that is, a 100-grid knife is used to draw a grid on the surface of the product to evaluate the adhesion of the paint), a drop test, etc., to check the attachment of the product packaging paint. Focus on the wrapping properties of mirrors, materials, etc. and packaging materials, but domestic customers will not require so much. Good design and appropriate price are often more important.

Many exhibitors such as Universe China and Eyeshadow Packaging Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. also mentioned that the packaging styles of international brands will be relatively fixed, pursuing simplicity, and the needs of domestic brands will be diversified. Packaging design products such as girlish style, national style, and embossed craftsmanship There are markets.

In addition, I noticed at the exhibition site that some new cosmetic packaging materials that use ultrasonic technology and silicone materials are also more common. However, when exhibitors introduce the original intention of product design, the first answer is that they are novel and beautiful. These Products are also sought after by domestic make-up brands.

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