Green Packaging Alliance

21/05/2021 lai, bip

More and more companies in this highly competitive industry are therefore wanting to get back to nature . In Germany alone every fifth adult bought natural body and face care products in 2015. In fact, the naturalness and sustainability of the ingredients are now must-haves in the beauty industry, and a similar trend can be observed in packaging, which needs to be as natural and resource-friendly as possible, both in production and in waste disposal. Just as there is a trend towards vegan food, cosmetics companies, too, are moving away from animal-based ingredients. Veganism has become a sales argument which is confidently communicated through a quality seal on the packaging.

With a turnover of EUR 77 billion, Europe is now the world s biggest cosmetics market. Most exports come from France and Germany, totalling a share of around 53 per cent. The beauty industry is full of challenges, and customers have high expectations. Moreover, the production of high-quality packaging is made difficult by rises in energy and raw material prices. Sustainable packaging systems are therefore major assets for instance, for large companies such as Gillette whose secondary packaging is based on mouldable pulp made from renewable bamboo and reed. But the green card is frequently also played by smaller brands.

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