Turn makeup from empty to full

21/05/2021 lai, bip

It is commonplace by now that packaging can be more than simply a protective cover for the products contained. Especially in the realm of cosmetics packaging is often marketed as part of a lifestyle and becomes a key decision criterion for product purchases. As an eye-catcher on the shelf or on catalogue pages and/or in web stores the appealingly designed, attention-grabbing packaging often makes or breaks a product. This much we already know

.Most recently the cosmetics industry, in particular, has increasingly focused on re-fill products. This trend has also been identified by cosmetic brands in the high-end segment such as MAC Cosmetics, Guerlain and Serge Lutens, that already banked on refills as early as 2013.

Thanks to high-quality packaging empty powder boxes, lipsticks, eye shadows or eyeliners can be given a second life. With a simple click the packaging becomes a timeless artwork and doubles as ecological packaging. This saves money and the environment at the same time creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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