Explore the status quo of cosmetics packaging material market in 2020

30/06/2021 li Anne

As the name implies, color makeup is a colorful cosmetic eye shadow, and lipstick can be said to be the most commonly used color makeup in daily life. It can be said that color makeup gives women a dream, a dream that they can achieve through makeup.

With the improvement of women’s status and the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards, cosmetics are more and more sought after by people, cosmetics market business opportunities are more and more as the saying goes, fish more places, fishing people are more, recently some web celebrity fast consumer cosmetics brand also emerge poor everyone says that people rely on clothes, horse by saddleToday, we will talk about a part of makeup clothing – makeup packaging materials.

Now there are two common business models of cosmetics packaging materials. One is generation processing mode. The so-called generation processing mode is that cosmetic brands do their own design, and they formulate the style of packaging materialsAs for design brands own in-house design department or other design company, please do not necessarily, two cases, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the generation of processing factory the manufacturer is only responsible for production, complete the order on time with good quality as a whole generation of processing most of famous brand would chooseBecause the well-known brand enterprise scale is relatively large, there are a series of brand positioning and planning activities, etc Another well-known brand has its own design department, to keep the brand culture, the series of products, such as design usually does not lead to outsourcing Such companies claim to the manufacturer is more strictly, there is a requirement for all kinds of countries most will require the manufacturer license certificateThe delivery time of products is also strict. Although the requirements are strict, the orders of well-known brands are large and the collection is guaranteed. The orders of such enterprises can be said to be what all manufacturers want to win.

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