Foreign heavy craft, domestic heavy appearance level

02/06/2021 Aura

Not only cosmetics brands at home and abroad for the acceptance of the environmental protection material exist obvious difference, the two sides of colour makeup products packaging design is also different It is understood that the one third of the Shanghai international luxury packaging show is new exhibitors, watchfulness in communication with the exhibitors know that there are a considerable part of the cosmetics packaging enterprise is packaging exhibition debut this yearAccording to a number of exhibitors, although the epidemic has delayed the exhibition this year, international customers could not successfully attend the exhibition, but they still hope to show the latest products of the company to expand customers.

For the difference in demand for domestic and foreign cosmetics brands,International brand heavy process functionality, domestic brand heavy appearance level high cost has become a common consensus Zhuo than packaging to show watchfulness, international brand will request tested a variety of products, such as the lattice test (use the knife in product surface stroke, to evaluate the coating adhesion) drop test, etc., to test the product packaging paint adhesion, mirrorThe material body and packaging material packaging, and domestic customers will not require so much, good-looking design price is often more important.

World China Eye Shadow Packaging Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and other exhibitors also mentioned that the international brand packaging style will be relatively fixed, the pursuit of simplicity, domestic brand needs to present diversification, the girl wind national wind relief technology and other packaging design products have a market.

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