Suggestions for wholesale purchase of cosmetic bottles

02/06/2021 li Anne

Choose cosmetics bottles, usually from these aspects: the first is to choose the material of cosmetics bottles, glass plastic, according to the positioning of cosmetics to choose the second is to choose the style, the style of cosmetics bottle packaging and the concept of the brand, the appearance needs to be consistent the third is the comparison of the manufacturer’s price offer.

So, what are the recommendations for wholesale packaging of cosmetics bottles?First of all, try to do a good job of product design before wholesale, the first step of the design link is very important, need to work hard the second step is to understand the cosmetics bottle manufacturers, and which customers have cooperation cases, these are great reference value. Finally, when the purchase of the contract signed, the delivery date of these are also written.

 High-end cosmetics wholesale and how to choose the first bottle, cosmetics bottle appearance, design and workmanship We all know that strict high-grade foreign cosmetics packaging design Therefore, in the high-end cosmetics bottle style design and workmanship are two important criteria Secondly, cosmetics bottle factory scale, cosmetics bottle factory size determines the production quality level and the late deliveryFinally, the price of high-end cosmetics bottles, which is related to the late packaging cost of cosmetics.

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