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23/07/2021 Aura

A recent eye shadow circulated on the Internet, from the FLOWER KNOWS the unicorn eye shadow plate series, three-dimensional relief unicorn design of super beauty, opened and three-dimensional float inside window frame design, the color inside a total of five kinds of color, one or two of them are big pearl style, completely beautiful to not line, let a person want to package color processing.

It can be seen that its packaging is really grandiose and hit the girl’s heart, with metal color collocation stereo unicorn star European style window frame, it is the color of eye shadow inside, exaggeration is simply full marks.

In the performance of the powder quality, the users who have used it are also the majority of the big push, full color texture, can present an obvious eye makeup effect, a plate inside a total of 5 colors,3 format fog surface matte design,2 is the material of large sequins, can be used in monochrome or multi-color overlapping rub, to create a shiny eye makeup effect.

It is not the first time that the eye shadow disc of mainland China has become popular. The eye shadow disc cooperated with Discovery before is also very popular, such as the color matching of tiger plate and piglet plate, which are very practical, so it is loved by many girls. The texture is full and bright, and it is not easy to powder, and the quality is quite good, so it is popular on the InternetAmong them the reddest tiger dish is kumquat color as eye shadow tint colposition, a total of 12 frames of eye shadow design, including pearl light and fog surface material, piglet dish is pink red as colposition, because in recent years very popular red eye makeup, so this dish is also worth a push, very fierce and shining.

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