Focus on sustainable beauty

29/07/2021 Aura

The addition of HCT, a leading packaging design and production firm in the prestige cosmetics industry, to KDC’s portfolio buoyed their presence with prestige color and skincare brands and enhances their ability to provide a “one stop shop” for those clients seeking a full-service solution encompassing both package and product.

In order to increase its focus in that market ensuring to be able to meet their increased demand and be fully prepared to service its customers’ needs in the region, the group has recently added a Head of Asia.

“In working with our Brand Partners, we are able to deliver high-performance technologies in an effort to help minimize the ecological and global footprint. Our talented R&D Teams collaborate to offer advancements in waterless technology, cold process manufacturing, and incorporating sustainable ingredients to create more transparency for consumers,” underlines Wayne Swanton.

In addition, the HCT team strives to increase sustainable options for its customers, through the use of recycled plastics, bioplastics as well as refillable packaging solutions.

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