It has a decorative and clean appearance

30/07/2021 Aura

Boron silicate glass more chemical inertness than soda-lime glass, for it contains boron and/or the glass containing sodium hydroxide aluminum and zinc, in and after a year of storage, sodium hydroxide and other components and trace particles will be mixed into distilled water in the glass container After processing of soda can be used or stored for a long time, the regular soda is more resistant to chemical corrosion, suitable for general packaging.

Smaller, thick-walled jars are used for eye shadow, lip gloss and cream products. Larger jars are used for foundation, makeup remover, cream and powder. Amber jars are designed for opaque bathroom and body products.

Due to its convenience and health characteristics, all kinds of cosmetics packaging are made out of plastic Unfortunately, the plastic will often cause a lot of waste, once opened, usually must consume products immediately Plastic is so popular is one of the main reasons for its low cost It is light, flexible, strong and durable The most important thing is that it is tasteless and pleasant appearance.

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