Lip fat, made of red, like lips also red

15/07/2021 li Anne

Dan (namely cinnabar) the main raw material that is lip fat, people add animal fat and other auxiliary materials to make lip fat in cinnabar, daub is on the lip, in order to increase the bright gloss of the lip, name dot lip.

Lip balm, lip gloss and other western-style beauty products have been introduced into China, and lipstick has gradually become a necessity for consumers to make up. It has also become the largest category of makeup. In the Double 11 Festival in 2019, the sales volume of lipstick reached 1.1 billion, far surpassing the second place of foundation.

In the lip makeup track, lip balm, lip glaze, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip pencil and other sub-categories are well known. As a new species, lip mud also caught fire last year.

Lip mud is a brand new attempt for the purpose of lip makeup, not the liquid or fluid used in the general lip glaze, but the semi-solid mud, seemingly dry, but the mouth smear is smooth and dense, very good extension.

After makeup, it has the soft mist makeup effect of super matte light, and it is very lasting. There will be no mottled displacement and layering phenomenon, and it is not easy to dip into the cup. This special texture also makes the lip mud very suitable for smear on the face to act as blush, so as to create the same color and atmosphere sense of makeup.

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