Make -up and packaging to start

07/07/2021 Aura

So far, eyeshadow, blush and kohl have been produced perfectly, but Mink’s inventors are convinced it might even be possible to create lipstick, lip gloss, foundation or any other type of makeup, improving the mechanism by which colored powders mix with creams and oils.

Anyone can choose any color they like, and with common software, they can simply save the nuances they see on their computer (from photos of spring flowers to high-end label lipsticks, for example) and then print their own DIY makeup look.Once you choose the nuances, Mink uses a special program to compare the colors you want.

Generate a code, hexadecimal code, that you can put into any other program, like Photoshop or Paint, and simply press Print.The makeup comes out of the printer and is ready to use.

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