Extremely cost-effective cosmetics(1)

10/08/2021 Aura

For girls, love for beauty and saving money are indispensable. We like to dress up beautifully, and we are also happy to plan carefully which cosmetics are cheap and easy to use. There are not only big brands in Europe and America, let’s take a look at those very good ones. Cost-effective and affordable cosmetics in Europe and the United States!


What are the characteristics of the three major European and American brands, which have been popular among college students and petty bourgeois recently? Let us take a look!

极致性价比!欧美平价彩妆品牌一次盘点给你 第3张

Trendy make-ups are cheap but stylish. Even the YouTuber Kathleen Lights, who has more than two million subscribers and is super popular in Europe and the United States, highly recommends it! The must-buy items include lip pencils and lipsticks, one only costs 30 to 40 yuan, the color is very saturated and not easy to fade, it can be said that the entry will fail.

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