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10/08/2021 Aura

Water ripple eye shadow is another star product. The special shape is the biggest highlight. It can be used both wet and dry. It has full color and pearly luster. It can also be used as a blush

极致性价比!欧美平价彩妆品牌一次盘点给你 第5张

A cheap American makeup brand, featuring diversification, the combination of makeup and brushes is exquisite and practical, suitable for both novice and veterans of makeup! The most famous product is the planet eyeshadow palette, with 18 colors each representing 18 planets, which is so dreamy that it makes a girl’s heart burst in one second!

极致性价比!欧美平价彩妆品牌一次盘点给你 第7张

As for the brush set, there are as few as 3 or as many as 18 brush sets, ranging from small brushes to large brushes, eye makeup to face makeup. How can the beautiful pink make people not fall into it?

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