Extremely cost-effective cosmetics(5)

10/08/2021 Aura

There is a difference between the quality of the manufacturers here, and it does not mean that cheap cosmetic ingredients are not necessarily good. But relatively speaking, second- and third-tier brands can easily draw a gap with first-tier brands in terms of materials.

Secondly, the suppliers of first-line brands must also be first-line brands, or they are also high-quality suppliers that meet the certification of first-line brand manufacturers. Not everyone is qualified to supply first-line brands. This is the deeper value behind the brand premium.

Secondly, some lipsticks will experience sweating, which is due to the poor oil binding capacity of the wax network and/or the supersaturation caused by the high oil content. When the temperature rises, the interaction between the network and the oil in the lipstick changes, and sweating occurs.

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